Welcome to Sword & Sonnet, an anthology of stories devoted to the union of battle and poetry.

We successfully funded in December 2017 through Kickstarter. Sword and Sonnet will be an anthology featuring genre stories about women and non-binary battle poets. Lyrical, shimmery sonnet-slingers. Grizzled, gritty poetpunks. Word nerds battling eldritch evil. Haiku-wielding heroines.

We funded on Kickstarter! Sword & Sonnet on Kickstarter


Heian-era writer Sei Shōnagon was renowned for intimidating the men of court with her knowledge of poetry. We want to publish stories with awesome take-no-prisoner poets like Shōnagon.

We have a wonderful group of writers who have agreed to write stories for us: Alex Acks, C. S. E. Cooney, Malon Edwards, Spencer Ellsworth, Samantha Henderson, S. L. Huang, Cassandra Khaw, Margo Lanagan, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, Tony Pi, A. Merc Rustad and A. C. Wise. We’ll also be holding an open submission period.

The project editors are Aidan Doyle, Rachael K. Jones and E. Catherine Tobler. As well as having editorial experience with PodCastle and Shimmer, we’re also award-nominated writers. Our cover art is by Vlada Monakhova.

Although we envision the bulk of the stories will be fantasy, we’ll also be open to science fiction or horror. We’ll be publishing stories, not poems, but some of the tales may include the odd line of verse. We hope you’ll be excited about the theme as we are!